Calling ALL Singaporeans to Formulate {Your} Retirement Plan w/o Further Delay

Join fellow Singaporeans to participate in The Retirement Challenge, have an afternoon of fun, you will get to formulate your own retirement plan and stand a chance to win $100-$500, register here: fellow *Singaporeans,

Have you thought of how much you’ll need to retire comfortably in Singapore?

If you have not thought about it or you do not have a clear answer, you need to take part in this game called The Retirement Game.

Recently, I was introduced to this life-simulation financial planning game. 

I like the idea… and I really want ALL of you to participate.


BECAUSE I believe you can learn a lot from the financial mistakes you made during the game. The best way to learn is through PLAY.

I appreciate this game a lot.

The simple reason: If I were to make some of these financial mistakes in real life… I would be doomed and my family would suffer alongside with me. I might get really stressed up, depressed and … I might even end up going bankcrupt or losing everything.

I might need to join in the recycling industry and to work after 65 to make my ends meet… I might fall sick but dare not to get check up because I have no money to get treatment.

It is scary. I don’t want this to happen to me…

AND I don’t want this to happen to you too.

You see: this is the power of this game. Take part in the game and you will know what I meant.

Register your place before it is too late:

Your sincerely,


Louise Lee

Financial Freedom Writer

P.S. If you’re not free to join in the game, but you would like to get ready for retirement, contact me for a session of fiancial planning/review.


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