Calling ALL Singaporeans to Formulate {Your} Retirement Plan w/o Further Delay

Join fellow Singaporeans to participate in The Retirement Challenge, have an afternoon of fun, you will get to formulate your own retirement plan and stand a chance to win $100-$500, register here:

Dear fellow *Singaporeans,

Have you thought of how much you’ll need to retire comfortably in Singapore?

If you have not thought about it or you do not have a clear answer, you need to take part in this game called The Retirement Game.

Recently, I was introduced to this life-size financial planning game. 

I like the idea… and I really want ALL of you to participate.


BECAUSE I believe you can learn a lot from the financial mistakes you made during the game. The best way to learn is through PLAY.

I appreciate this game a lot.

The simple reason: If I were to make some of these financial mistakes in real life… I would be doomed and my family would suffer alongside with me. I might get really stressed up, depressed and … I might even end up going bankcrupt or losing everything.

I might need to join in the recycling industry and to work after 65 to make my ends meet… I might fall sick but dare not to get check up because I have no money to get treatment.

It is scary. I don’t want this to happen to me…

AND I don’t want this to happen to you too.

You see: this is the power of this game. Take part in the game and you will know what I meant.

Register your place before it is too late:

Your sincerely,

signature for public

Louise Lee

Financial Freedom Writer


P.S. If you’re not free to join in the game, but you would like to get ready for retirement, contact me for a session of fiancial planning/review.



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I am passionate of helping working professionals (35-45) to be financially free. I have developed a powerful system to lead you step by step towards your desired financial freedom. Connect with me at

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