10 Ways Children Can Experience God

Join me to bless 1,000 children by 2017, three at a time! 

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Did you know at children began to develop fear at the age of three?

Fear of darkness, fear of loud noise, fear of weird figures grip children’s heart in some significant ways.

But the GOOD NEWS is: beginning at the age of three, children are capable to understand the concept of God.

However, they need someone to present the true image of God to them, so that they can understand
and experience God themselves.

Psalm 23 for Kids by Louise Lee is written with this in mind to help children:

1. to know that God helps them with their fears;
2. to know that they can trust Him;
3. to know that He comforts us in their disappointment;
4. to know that He strengthens them when they are faced with challenges;
5. to hear His voice;
6. to learn the joy of responding to God in faith;
7. to know God as a person who is near;
8. to know God is love, and He takes care of them;
9. to know they are not alone in their problems;
10. to know they cannot save themselves, but God can.

This experience gather from the story prepares children to make a decision for Christ whenever they are ready.

What are you waiting for? Bless the children around you with Psalm 23 for Kids today!

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