Fun Videos to Develop Music Appreciation for Children

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Recently, I was tasked to design a music program for children, aiming to cultivate their appreciation of music through singing, dancing and perhaps some music activities.

I found these dance videos fabulous and fun to use with primary school children. Children are under no pressure to sing or learn music theory that tends to be dry and boring. They just follow the actions and there are kids of their age in the videos.

These are really cool and clever video productions, simple and easy to follow. Kids just follow the beats and dance along with the kids, imitate or mirror the action and enjoy themselves. When they are ready, they can sing along and even add in instruments.

Fun is the important element for designing children program! I don’t know about you but I am having fun by just watching them and try out some dance steps myself!

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

1oo children’s bestsellers

I would suggest parents and teachers to dance along with them as exercise! While the children are learning music, beats, dance and movement, we adults can have a real workout. Three minutes per video, and repeat 3 times to get about 10 minutes of exercise, it is not a bad idea, isn’t it?

Try them out and have fun! You will find more than enough to choose from the channel every day for many weeks. Here are three fun videos I enjoy dancing along, music can be so fun!

And there are culturally rich dance videos like dance to Malaysian, Turkish and African songs, they are really cool!


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