Following Noah – Who Sets the Rainbow in the Sky?

This story is a sequel to Psalm 23 for Kids. David was back to his dreamland with Lily. This time they were going up to Noah’s Ark to experience what it means to be saved. They also learnt about who set the rainbow in the sky and why.

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Following Noah – Who Sets the Rainbow in the Sky?

Text by Louise Lee        Illustrated by IsabelleT 

It was a rainy day. The sky was gloomy. The wind was strong. David was at home with his grandpa.

“David, your little sister is coming home today. Let me show you her room,” Grandpa said as he brought David into a room painted blue and pink. In the middle of the room was a small wooden bed.

“Grandpa, what is the colour band on top of the bed? Why are there two of each of the animals here?” David asked.

“This is a rainbow.” Grandpa pointed out the window, “Sometimes, you will see this hanging in the sky after the rain.”

“Who set the rainbow in the sky?” David wondered.

“Long time ago, God sent a great flood to destroy all mankind. Only Noah and his family lived. God set the rainbow in the sky to promise not to destroy mankind again,” Grandpa explained.

“Oh, that’s really scary…, I am afraid of God! ” David exclaimed.

“There is no need to be afraid. Just follow Noah to obey God and do good,” Grandpa said.

“Noah!” David began to feel very sleepy and soon he dosed off to sleep.


“Hurry! Hurry! We are to get on to the boat, or else we will not live. Quick, David, why are you always that clumsy, sheep David!” It was Lily’s voice.

“Huh? What is going on?” David was surprised to see Lily the sheep again, but this time they were not on the field grazing. They were running towards a very big boat.

“Hey? Come faster, you short woolly ones. We’ve got to the boat as soon as we can” said a tall and slender giraffe walked past them quickly on to the plank.

“Gail, I know you giraffes have long legs but mind you, you have long neck too. Be careful you are not able to get inside the boat!” Lily talked back to Gail the giraffe.

“Don’t quarrel. We should help each other to get to the boat, no one should be left behind.” Evan the elephant interrupted their conversations. His heavy steps were making the noise like thunders.

“Excuse me, may I know what’s going on?” David couldn’t keep quiet anymore. He was surprised to see giraffe and elephant talking.

“You did not know? Grandpa Noah asked us to go inside the boat.” Lily explained.

“Grandpa Noah, why?” David asked.

“By tomorrow, waters from all directions will come and cover the earth. If we stayed outside, we will all be dead tomorrow.” Gail the Giraffe added.

“I will tell you later, we need to get going. There are many of us .” Gail was almost out of breath as she walked and talked.

David looked around and saw many animals two by two. Monkeys, tigers, hyenas, lions, mice, bears, as far as he could name them.

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“Hey, Gail, we are all in the boat now. Tell me why…” David reminded Gail.

“Alright, Grandpa Noah told us this. Listen carefully! ” Gail looked really serious.

“God told Grandpa Noah to build a boat because He is sending great waters to cover the earth. All living things that live on land including the birds will die. Only those who follow Grandpa Noah onto the boat will be saved.” Gail pointed to the sky and said.

“What are the bad thing they did?” David asked.

“They disobeyed God. They lied. They hurt each other. They stole other people’s things and a lot more… They did everything that God hates,” added Lily.

Gail continued, “God did not want them to continue to do bad things. He asked Grandpa Noah to warn the people to change.”

“What happened then?” David asked.

“No one listened to him, they refused to change. So, you see, only Grandpa’s family, his wife, three sons and their wives – eight of them came onto the boat. And of course all of us the animals. We are safe in the boat.”

“Listen, the sound of waters! The great flood has come!” Lily said.

“Oh no!” David said, “I can feel the water hitting the boat. We are now floating on top of the water, aren’t we?”

“Don’t be afraid,” Grandpa Noah said, “The rain and flood will come cover the earth for 40 days and nights. All of you who obeyed and came inside the boat are safe. We shall stay in here until the waters have gone.”

“Hey, Evan, why are you crying?” Lily asked with concerns.

“You know, my good friend did not make it come onto the boat,” Evan couldn’t control any longer and wept loudly.

“Oh dear! Why? ” David asked.

“Well, he said that Grandpa Noah has lost his mind. He did not believe him; he preferred to do whatever he likes to do. He did not care to follow God’s way,” Evan explained with tears welled up in his eyes.

“I fully understand how you feel. In fact, the family I was with also refused to move. They enjoyed too much of the sun and all the good things. They did not believe the flood would come” Gail added.

“That’s really sad to hear that!” David said as he tried to pad Evan and Gail on their shoulders with his legs (he forgot that he had four legs now!)

“David, what are you doing? You are so awfully encouraging .., ” Lily tried to control her laugh.

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After a long time, one day, Grandpa Noah announced, “Now the land has dried up. Get ready, we can get down now.”

“Wow! Beautiful rainbow!” David exclaimed as he saw a colourful band outside the boat.

Then he heard God spoke to Grandpa Noah, “this rainbow I set in the sky. I made this agreement with you and all the animals. When I see this rainbow, I will not destroy people and all living things again.”

“David, God keeps his promise until today. He will do what He says.” It was grandpa’s voice.

Now, David saw giraffes and elephants on the floor, he picked them up and put them all safely in his baby sister’s bed.

David said to them, “now, you are all saved.”

(Have you gotten my first illustrated book Psalm 23 for Kids yet? It is now available at and in Singapore.)



    • I am glad that you like the story. It is the sequel to my first book Psalm 23 for Kids, where David became a sheep in his dream. He met Lily the sheep at Psalm 23 for Kids. Here in Following Noah, they have new friends. There is yet the third story, Following the Star, also posted here.

      I hope you Sunday School kids love the story.

      Louise :>


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