Following the Star – Nativity in a story

David’s another sheepy adventure

“Oh… so cute, so lovely. She is so adorable!” David’s baby sister was being taken out to the living room, where aunties, uncles and everyone was trying to make her laugh.

David was alone in his room.  He thought to himself. “My little sister is home now, nobody seems to notice my birthday is coming…, “

David felt something warmth welled up from his chest to his eyes. Tears flowed.

The more David look at how happy everyone was, the unhappier and lonelier he felt.

Now, David was crying, but no one seems to hear.  They were just too happy to notice David.

Suddenly, the happy sound faded, David felt like he was out in the field at night. It was dark and lonely. He looked up to the sky.

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David couldn’t see too far because of his tears. When he wiped off the tears, he saw Lily the sheep again. She was running towards him. She ran so fast that she almost ran over him.

(David is back to the sheepfold and met Lily the sheep again!)

“What are you doing?” David asked Lily.

“Let me catch my breath first”, Lily was panting.

“… we… we… are going to a very important person’s birthday!” Lily said slowly.

David thought to himself, “… my birthday is coming, no one noticed. Who cares about this person’s birthday?”

“… hello…! Ae you listening? Are you coming?” Lilly asked curiously. “Can you hear that? Our shepherd is calling us. We need to get going.”

David asked, “Why are you in such a hurry?”

Lily continued, “Just now there was an angel appeared before us. The surroundings became very bright. He told our shepherd to be hurried and go to the city Bethlehem. A child, a saviour was born. He is wrapped in cloth. He is lying in a manger now.”

“Angel? Saviour? What is a manger? You sheep speaks difficult things, I don’t understand…” David replied.

“Come on… sheep David. Angel is a messenger sent by God. Saviour is someone who saves us from sin and death. A manger is an open box where animal food was placed. Understand? ” Lily explained impatiently.

“Is he really a great person? How can a great person born in such place? What is his name?” David asked.

“His name is Jesus,” Lily said.

“Really?” David dropped his jaw and couldn’t utter a word. He knew who Jesus was!

Then David told Lily, “Jesus will grow up to be a great person. He will die for the sins of all mankind. He took upon their sins on himself but he did not sin. He is the son of God”

“You know what sin is?” Lily asked.

“Hmm…of course, how to say … Sin is doing something God hates. It is also about doing things only make ourselves happy, also means we do not border about God in our lives.”

“Oh, I know! It was like we do whatever we want. Like we go outside on our own, leaving our shepherd’s care. Sheep will die without a shepherd.” Lily said with a loud voice.

“You are exactly right!” David nodded his head vigorously.

“Jesus is also like a scapegoat then…” Lily said.

“What’s that?” David asked curiously.

“A goat that carries people’s sin. I heard this from our great grandparents… people would lay hand and transfer their sins to the goat. It is called a scapegoat. ” Lily said.

“That is also exactly true… instead of the sinful people die, the scapegoat dies. This is what Jesus would do for all mankind.” David nodded with a grin.

“Why Jesus has to die?” Lily asked sadly.

“People had to die because of sin. So, Jesus like a scapegoat taking people’s sin. Jesus has to die because of people’s sin, “David explained.

“Not just that, Jesus came back to life after he died. For those who receive Jesus as their saviour and call on his name will receive eternal life.” David added.

“Wow, so we are going to a very important birthday then. Let’s get going or else you will be lag behind again.” Lily pushed David to the front.

“Not to worry, we will not get lost if we follow the star. Look, there is a bright star up in the sky. This star will lead us to Jesus.” David said proudly.

“How do you know?” Lily wondered as she followed behind.

(Not long later, they saw a group of camels. On their back were some men that looked really wise.)

“Hey, Lily, look, these are the coolest camel I have ever seen,” David exclaimed.

“Where?” Lily turned and she saw a camel’s head. She almost got knocked down. One camel bent down to talk to them.

“Hi, sheepy folks! We are happy to meet you. Where are you going?” One of the leading camels spoke.

“Hi, I am Lily and this is David. We are following our shepherd to a birthday party. How about you?” Lily asked politely.

“I am Carl the camel. We are from the East, following our masters – the wise men. They are following the star in the sky.”  Carl looked up to the brightest star in the sky.

Carl continued, “that is it the star of a king. A king was born tonight. See, we are bringing these precious gifts for the king.”

“The star, a king, a baby and Jesus… I see!” Lily murmured to herself.

“What did you bring? Let me guess… gold, myrrh, and frankincense. Is this right?” David asked.

“You are right. We only brought what are fitted for a king.” Carl replied.

“How did you know, David?” Lily wondered.

“I am not telling you!” David laughed.

Before long, the shepherd, the sheep, the wise men and their camels arrived at the place. They saw Jesus lying in the manger. They presented their gifts to him.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you … happy birthday to David. Happy birthday to you!”

David opened his eyes and saw his favourite chocolate cake, and all his family were in his room. David was overjoyed because they were there to celebrate his birthday!

“It was the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had…” David said in his heart and blew the candles.

“Happy birthday, Jesus! I want to accept you into my heart and have eternal life.”

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