How to Use Psalm 23 for Kids – Part 3 (Prepare a child for school)

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In part two, I covered how reading Psalm 23 for Kids builds intimacy and how it initiates spiritual formation in a child.

Today, I am going to share about how a child can benefit from reading Psalm 23 for Kids.

First, simply read Psalm 23 for Kids as a book is the best way to prepare a child for school.

Heath’s study[1] shows that “reading books together” at home has helped children excel in school.

Put is simply, “reading books together” is a parent-child interaction when a book is used as a learning tool. These are the patterns some parents are adopting unknowingly:

  • A parent and a child talk about book by starting with questions and answers;
  • A child begins to learn to get knowledge from book;
  • Further talk about the book allows a child to create their own story using the element provided by the book.

It is not surprising that these are what a child do in school in a literacy program.

Second, by repeating these “reading book together” simply as entertainment at home, your child will learn how to read before they go to school. They will also love reading as their past time. The life-long love for reading and learning is not difficult to cultivate if it were to start from very young.

Do not limit to reading books only at bedtime. There should be a time for reading every day, starts with reading together, then talk about the book with them. As soon as they are able to read independently, leave them alone to enjoy their time of reading. Ten to fifteen minutes a day continuously for 21 days is sufficient to establish a habit.

Be serious about making time for reading. Create a space at home for reading and some books to choose from. Allow your child to choose his/her book to read anytime.

Psalm 23 for Kids is a good book to start with, the reference elements in the book are rich: from real sheep and shepherd to move on to spiritual concept about God, Jesus and love.

Third, do a book talk on Psalm 23 for Kids once a week, you may be surprised about the endless book talks you can have. There are many points of entries for you to talk about from the book with your child: a sheep and his shepherd are the richest spiritual metaphor in the Bible.Before you know it, your child is ready to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and be able to say “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”.

Last but not the least, let your child read books as entertainment, not as textbooks. During waiting time, pass them a book instead of giving them your phone. Pass them a book instead of letting them sit in front of the TV, or play video games.

Spend your money on some good story books is better than on tuition. The best way to prepare a child for school is not to work on assessment books, but to read a lovely story for leisure such as Psalm 23 for Kids :>

Education is better than counselling. Steer the child in the right direction before it is too late.

Bon Voyage!

Parenting with books is one of my favourite topics to write on.

Watch out for my next post (How to use Psalm 23 for Kids for 6 to 7).

[1] Health, B. (1982). What no bedtime story means: Narrative skills at home and school. Language in Society. 11 (1), 49-76.


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