How to Use Psalm 23 for kids – Part 2 (As bedtime story book for babies & pre-schoolers)

Reading to a child builds intimacy.

Feeling safe and secure is important for children. Lying in bed safely, hearing a story from a familiar voice is the best way to build this kind of security. It is an intimate gesture to read to a child before they go to bed. Do not be too concerned if you are a good storyteller or not. You may be surprised how sweet your sound is in your child’s ears. No other person on earth can compare to the voice of a parent. *Start reading Psalm 23 for Kids to your child tonight!

A key to your child’s heart is to read a familiar story repeatedly during bedtime. Children do not get bored easily and in fact, they enjoy hearing the same familiar story over and over again. They are happy with this no-surprise kind of security because they know what is going to happen to the characters in the story. The amazing thing is you need not to complete the story each time. Once the child feels secured enough they would fall asleep. You can simply carry on with where you stop the following night. Children are delighted in characters with familiar names, familiar scenes and plot. Psalm 23 for Kids has a boy and a shepherd, they both are named David. The boy David turned into sheep in his dream. He started his relationship with a shepherd also called David.

Plant God’s word in your child’s heart as early as possible before any other ungodly ideologies get into your child’s mind. According to studies, children under five are able to understand the concept of God. They are able to understand God as a person and to understand His care for them. Jesus, God’s Word and sin are concepts a child can grasp if they are explained in the way they can understand.

When you read Psalm 23 for Kids to a child, you are giving them something really powerful:

  • You lay a foundation for their spiritual formation. It is never too early to start with your unborn child;
  • You introduce to them how to live a life of a sheep and its loving relationship with its shepherd;
  • You get them memorise Psalm 23 (paraphrase version in context) as a part of the story.

Don’t underestimate the power of repetition. Keep repeating until the story gets sunk into their hearts. They love hearing stories this way. I remembered I learnt a “Do Ray Me” song by heart without understanding a word when I was very young. To my amazement, when I sang it out one day in my late teens, I was singing with understanding. I began to understand the song and appreciate its content. It is also my dream also to put Psalm 23 for Kids into a song one day.

(to be continued…. Part 3 will be on how reading Psalm 23 for Kids prepares a child for school and cultivate a love for life-long learning)

*refer to Where to Buy Psalm 23 for Kids in


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