Five Ways to Use Psalm 23 for Kids – Part 1


Besides getting my book Psalm 23 for Kids published, I also want to share my thoughts on how this book can be used. Continued with my seed metaphor, it can be a seed in your hand. We are like farmers actively sowing seeds into young hearts. I have thought though about this process and I discover there are at least five ways we can use Psalm 23 for Kids effectively as a seed.

First, give it away as a gift! Best Gift for Christmas for Ages 0 to 9

One of the best ways to use Psalm 23 for Kids is to give it away as a gift. A book is a messenger of love.

Christmas is coming around the corner. You may be thinking hard what gifts to give to your loved ones. Psalm 23 for Kids can be your best gift choice.

Why do I say that?

If you have Christian friends and relatives Psalm 23 for Kids will be the best gift choice for them. Psalm 23 is a beloved Psalm for many Christians and Catholics. They will be delighted to receive this book as gifts for their children. Do not think that this book is for children only. It is also for anyone who has a child-like heart. Read it for yourself, you may be surprised by the simplicity of a loving relationship between a sheep and its shepherd. It is a story about a boy turned into a sheep and his adventure “in sheep skin”.  Read a sheep story in the Year of Goat (羊年读羊书)!

If you are a Christian or a Catholic, Psalm 23 for Kids will be the best gift ideas for you. During the season of giving, no one will turn you down if you are giving this book to them as a gift. It is a good way to share a very powerful and lovely passage from the Bible – Psalm 23. It is also a non-threatening way to share the love of Jesus with pre-believers. The best approach is to their children. The purpose of this book is to prepare a child’s heart to receive the great Shepherd’s love for them. In many ways, a child can identify with David and Lily in the book. To bless young hearts, give a copy to each of them and read together with them. Make use of every opportunity to reach “a little one” for Jesus – one at a time!

to be continued…


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